Study on the Formation of Proplastids in Apical Meristem of Wheat


For the first time in the scientific literature, photographs of the production of proplastids in the apical meristem of wheat seedlings were acquired and reported in this study. The apical meristem, or growing point of plants, contains proplastids, which are the progenitors of chloroplasts. The primary emphasis of research was on the process through which proplastids develop into chloroplasts. The formation of proplastids in the apical meristem of wheat seedlings was studied and described in the current work for the first time in the scientific literature. According to ultrastructural images of the apical meristem, the proplastide body is formed over the course of several stages, including the localization of plastid DNA in the cytoplasmic matrix in close proximity to cytoplasmic ribosomes, the formation of membrane vesicles containing plastid DNA, the step-by-step filling of these vesicles with dense contents, and the final stage, which is the formation of the proplastide body.

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Galina A. Semenova,
Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow Region, 142290-Russia.

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Keywords: Apical meristem, proplastide body, cytoplasmic matrix

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