Study on the Effect of Biourine and Mycorrhizal Arbuscular Fungi towards Result and Value of Forage Nutrition Hymenachne amplexicaulis (Rudge) Nees) on the of Ex-Coal Mine Land: An Advanced Study

The goal of this study is to discover, obtain, and demonstrate that administering biourine and mycorrhiza arbuskula (FMA) to ex-coal mine land can enhance fertility, hence influencing the outcomes and nutritional value of forage feed. With four treatments and five replications, this study used a completely randomised design. The therapy includes: 1) a 0% biourine + FMA 20 g/pot concentration, 2) a 15% biourine + FMA 20 g/pot concentration, 3) a 30% biourine+ FMA 20 g/pot concentration, and 4) a 45 percent biourine + FMA 20 g/pot concentration. Dry matter, crude protein, dry matter digestibility, organic digestibility in vitro, and percentage of root infections by mycorrhizae were among the variables identified. The treatment had a very significant effect (P0.01) on all observable variables, according to the results of the analysis of variance. The highest value was obtained with a 45 percent biourin + FMA 20 g/pot treatment, followed by 30 percent biourine + FMA 20 g/pot, 15 percent biourine + FMA 20 g/pot, and 0 percent biourine + FMA 20 g/pot therapy. The treatment concentration of 45 percent biourine + FMA 20 g/pot was shown to be the best of all the variables studied in this study.

Author (S) Details

Hardi Syafria

Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of Jambi, Kampus Pinang Masak Mendalo Jambi, Postal, Indonesia.

Novirman Jamarun

Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Andalas University, Campus Unand Limau Manis Padang, Postal, Indonesia.

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