Study on Subjective Complaints of Malaria Related to Muscles and Joints


Malaria is still a huge health problem around the world that has yet to be solved. Like an iceberg, WHO stated in their 2020 report that while there were advancements at the beginning of the third millennium, there has been a plateau in the last three years (since 2017) that appears to have hampered efforts to eradicate global malaria. In certain communities engulfed in war and poverty, access to medical services and effective treatment remains an issue. Aside from that, persistent endemic areas combined with global and/or regional migration of susceptible individuals to and from endemic areas raises the risk of morbidity and mortality. Malaria causes a wide range of symptoms, including the classic trias of fever, anaemia, and splenomegali. Muscle and joint discomfort, a disease associated to parasite-induced inflammation, is another symptom that patients may experience. If the pain persists throughout the duration of the illness, it’s likely that you’re suffering from rhabdomyolisis, a potentially catastrophic and devastating clinical condition classified as a consequence of malaria or severe malaria. The patient’s condition may deteriorate and become fatal if effective antimalaria medication is not received.

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Forman Erwin Siagian
Department of Parasitology & The Centre of Biomedic Research, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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