Study on Revisiting Sacral Hiatus


The caudal opening of the sacral canal is known as the sacral hiatus. Through the sacral hiatus, caudal epidural anaesthesia is administered for a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. In the literature, there is a 25% failure rate for caudal epidural blocks. This procedure’s high failure rate could be due to the sacral hiatus’s various anatomical features. To reduce the failure rate of the sacral hiatus, clinicians must understand the anatomical variations in shape, size, level of apex, and base. caudal epidural block. The anatomical features of sacral hiatus are of immense value to orthopaedic surgeons, obstretricians, paediatricians, anaesthecians and anatomists. Aim of study is to update and consolidate the information on sacral hiatus as this updated and consolidated information on sacral hiatus in this chapter will serve a ready reference for future researchers and clinicians.

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Prof. Rajani Singh

Department of Anatomy, UPUMS, Saifai Etawah, 206130, India.

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