Study on Resistance and Inductance of Solid Conductors


Because of faulty nomenclature, erroneous definitions, and the fact that resistance and inductance are values that define constituents of ideal electrical circuits as well as real solid conductors, they are filled with misconceptions and inaccuracies. This has a negative impact not just on the subject of electrical engineering theory, but also on resistance and inductance computation. In the study, the current density, resistance, and inductance of two coaxial solid tube conductors are calculated using the results of a brief theoretical examination of the state of the art. Except for the solitary conductor, these conductors are the simplest feasible configuration.

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Oldrich Coufal
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology, TechnickĀ“a 3082/12, 61600 Brno, Czech Republic.

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