Study on Price to Income Ratio Approach in Housing Affordability

There are numerous methods for determining housing affordability. Price to Income Ratio (PIR), Rent to Income Ratio (RIR), Housing Expenditure to Income Ratio, Market Basket Measure, Quality Based Measure, and Residual Income Measure are some of the methods used. The Price to Income Ratio (PIR) is a common metric for determining house affordability. The term “housing affordability” refers to a person’s ability to pay for housing on a monthly basis based on his or her income. The goal of this study is to use the Price to Income Ratio (PIR) technique to look at housing affordability in Pulau Pinang. Individuals who own a low-cost residence on Pulau Pinang make up the study’s sample. This study employs the convenience sampling strategy, with the regression method as the analytical instrument. The results show that the Price to Income Ratio (PIR) is a legitimate and simple method for determining housing affordability in Pulau Pinang.

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Norazmawati Md. Sani
Universiti Sains, Malaysia.

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