Study on Predicting Satisfaction with Life from Generativity and Identity Threat: The Experiences of Indigenous Baka Forest People in Cameroon


Generativity — the desire to leave something for posterity and the threat to one’s social identity – is used in this study to predict life pleasure. A random sample of 90 participants from two Baka communities were given the Loyola Generativity Scale (LGS), the stigma consciousness questionnaire (SCQ), and the happiness with life scores (SWLS). SWL might be predicted using multiple regression analysis based on concerns about Generativity and a sense of identity threat. The findings show that Baka ethnic people are unsatisfied with their lives and have a high level of concern about the future. Generativity, as well as a keen awareness of stigmatisation by members of the out-group. The study included suggestions for further research as well as possible programme intervention tactics. Future research should include a bicultural comparison study of Baka and Bantu ethnic populations. Similarly, policy changes should emphasise evidence-based initiatives to improve the Baka indigenous people’s well-being. It will be easier to fund new development efforts if new laws are enacted to create and safeguard ethnic minority zones, as well as to authorise the formation of a development fund. An ecological management board that incorporates Baka ethnic groups in conservation projects will also allow community engagement in development and increase general well-being.

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Dr. D. Fai, Robert
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington DC, USA.

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