Study on Plasma-Stimulated Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Soil

The article focuses on the problem of rehabilitating soils and waste waters contaminated with radionuclides Cs134, Cs137, and Sr90. We used the method of precipitation of cesium and strontium by selective sorbents of transition metal ferrocyanides with plasma activation to extract radionuclides from aqueous solutions. Precipitation of ferrocyanides of the corresponding metal in the presence of finely dispersed calcium and strontium carbides synthesized in the plasma treatment zone yields sorbents of this type. The selectivity of such finely dispersed sorbents is increased. rate of extraction (more than 100 times). This is due to the fact that the coprecipitation of micro amounts of cesium and strontium coincides with the synthesis and activation of the sorbent in the plasma discharge’s chemically active zone. Furthermore, the simultaneous oxidation of organic substances eliminates their negative effect on sorbents. A pilot plant was developed and tested to reduce or remove radioactive materials from soils and wastewater using a nonequilibrium electric discharge in a flowing aqueous solution with plasma-chemical sorbent synthesis. contaminated as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident It is demonstrated that this method of plasma-chemical synthesis and activation of the sorbent allows for the effective purification of wastewater with varying radionuclide composition and concentration in the presence of surfactants and organic pollutants, as well as soil using a combination of hydroseparation.

Author (s) Details

Petrov Stanislav V.
Institute of Gas, The NAS of Ukraine, 39, Dehtiarivska St., Kyiv, 03113, Ukraine.

Zabulonov Yuriy L.
Institute of Environmental Geochemistry, The NAS of Ukraine, 34a, Palladin Ave., Kyiv, 03142, Ukraine.

Masato Homma
Global Energy Trade Co., Ltd., 104-0045, 6-10-3, IF Tukiji, Thuou-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

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