Study on Phonon Anharmonicity in a Framework Material H3[Co(CN)6]

The author has been studying phonons on functional materials for several years and has established structure-property correlations on flexible framework structure materials, lead free oxides, thin film perovskites, low dimensional 2D materials such as graphene nanosheets, TiS3 nanofiber, VSe2 nanosheets, SnO2 quasi nanoparticles, and other low dimensional 2D materials. Temperature dependent Raman spectroscopy experiments on the negative thermal expansion framework material H3[Co(CN)6] in the temperature range 80-300 K have been reported in this book chapter to elucidate the phonon anharmonicity of distinct phonons. There were no discontinuous or slope variations in phonon mode frequencies, linewidths, or band intensities, indicating that the compound remained stable across the temperature range studied. The temperature dependences of mode frequencies and their linewidths were investigated using phonon anharmonicity models. In this flexible molecule, the three-phonon decay mechanism was found to be more prevalent than the four-phonon decay process. In summary, the current research illustrates the anharmonicity of phonons and their impact on the thermal expansion of the H3[Co(CN)6] framework material.

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K. K. Mishra

Department of Physics, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR 00925-2537, USA.

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