Study on Performance Evaluation of Fluorescence and Photostability of Coumarin Disperse Yellow 82

In various fields of research, fluorescent dyes are used, such as in biochemical studies, medical diagnosis, photoelectric cell building, lasers and solar batteries. Some major fluorescent and photostability properties of Coumarin Disperse Yellow 82 are listed in this paper. The research aims to test the spectrophotometric fluorescence colour of Coumarin Diffuse Yellow 82. Spectral parameters such as relative strength percentage and reflectance on polyester and polyester/cotton substrates with different dye concentrations were evaluated. The property of light rapidity was also evaluated. Evaluation of the quantum dye photodegradation yield in methanol, ethanol and N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) was also investigated under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. In contrast to the dyed polyester/cotton blend, the relative strength, reflectance and light fastness of dyed polyester for the various dye concentrations were shown to be higher. For the different concentrations of dye used, the photodegradation quantum yield of dye in methanol, ethanol and DMF solutions under anaerobic conditions showed higher quantum dye photodegradation in DMF. Irradiation under the nitrogen atmosphere achieved higher degradation under aerobic conditions, while the presence of air decreased degradation. It can be concluded that alcohol is marginally better than DMF as a model solvent for predicting the photostability of Coumarin Disperse Yellow 82 on polyester, in accordance with the approximate degradation quantum yields of the examined dye in methanol, ethanol and DMF.

Author(s) Details

Aba Akebi Atta-Eyison
Department of Industrial and Health Sciences, Takoradi Technical University, Box 256, Takoradi, Ghana.

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