Study on Partial Functional Integrodifferential Equations

Many authors have focused their attention in recent years on the study of existence problems for differential and integrodifferntial equations. The existence and regularity of solutions for several partial functional integrodifferential equations with finite delay are investigated in this paper. The asymptotic stability and continuous dependency of initial values are also investigated. To begin, we demonstrate the existence of mild solutions. Second, we provide sufficient conditions to ensure that stringent solutions exist. The method uses concepts from linear semigroup theory to treat equations in the domain of A with the graph norm. We end this effort with an application to demonstrate our abstract solution.


Author (S) Details

Khalil Ezzinbi
Departement de Mathematiques, Faculte des Sciences Semlalia, Universit Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco.

Sylvain Koumla
Departement de Mathematiques, Faculte des Sciences et Technique, Universit Adam Barka, Abeche, Chad.

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