Study on Numerical Simulations of Yarn Unwinding from Packages

A system of coupled nonlinear differential equations is devised to govern yarn motion in general. The equations can be used to explain yarn unwinding from stationary packages because they are represented in a (non-uniformly) rotating observation frame. We look at the physical implications of virtual forces in non-inertial frames, focusing on a lesser-known force that only occurs in non-uniformly rotating frames. Because the rotational velocity changes with time when the unwinding point is near the package’s edges, the quasi-stationary approximation is erroneous. We show that this force should be incorporated. When yarn movement becomes complex in this transient regime, the added force has an influence on yarn dynamics, which can result in yarn slippage and even breaking.

Author (S) Details

Stanislav Pracek
Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Aškerceva 12, SI-1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Marianna Halasz
Sándor Rejto Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Protection Engineering, Institut for Industrial Product Design, Óbuda University, Bécsi út 96 / B, 1034 Budapest, Hungary.

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