Study on Naturopathy and Public Health in Ghana: A Qualitative inquiry on the Relationship by students of Naturopathy


Background: There is a natural desire when merging Naturopathy and Public Health to find connections between the two medical systems. For example, disease prevention, promotion, and education are all part of public health. These are also entwined with naturopathic concepts. This study looks at whether there is a link between Naturopathy and Public Health practises from the perspective of Naturopathic Medical Students, as well as their knowledge and understanding of both professions, using qualitative analysis.

Methods:Ten (10) Second Year Diploma in Naturopathic Medical Students at the Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, Tema, Community 7, Ghana were sent a qualitative descriptive questionnaire over WhatsApp.

The students had studied public health as part of their Naturopathy coursework.

Their replies were abstracted and analysed thematically.

Findings: Key remarks collected from their responses highlighted their knowledge and understanding of both Naturopathy and public health issues.

They highlighted how the two professions are linked by comparing and contrasting the principles of the Naturopathic and public health professions.

Conclusion: The principles of naturopathy are profoundly anchored in public health.

This is because public health is defined as the science of protecting, preventing, and promoting the health of individuals and communities. It is governed by values such as empowerment, counselling, teamwork, and education. Given the criteria and concepts that govern public health and naturopathy, one may argue that the entire field of naturopathy is deeply rooted in public health.

Author(S) Details

Raphael Nyarkotey Obu
Department of Holistic Medicine, Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine and Technology, Ashaiman, Ghana.

Lawrencia Aggrey –Bluwey
Department of Health Administration and Education, University of Education, Winneba Ghana.

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