Study on Naturalization: The Case for Constitutional Reform to Extend Citizenship to Immigrant in Liberia

By analysing survey, remittance, and naturalisation data collected by Afrobarometer (Round 5 and 6 Surveys), USD Explorer, 2015 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, and TLC Africa from 2011 to 2015, this study examines critical elements of extending citizenship to entrepreneurial minority groups (Lebanese, Mandingos, Indians, Nigerians, and Westerners) and Liberian dual citizens in Liberia. This is performed by examining relationships between variables such as Liberians’ gender in survey replies, West African opinions, Liberian naturalisation in advanced countries, and so on. Using Liberia’s remittances (inflow and outflow) to demonstrate the economic benefits of granting foreigners citizenship. In the long run, recruiting entrepreneurial groups raises investment in new domestic enterprises, which is likely to lead to changes in national industries, improved citizens’ technical abilities, permanent job creation, and improved citizens’ living conditions, as well as increasing democratisation.

Author (S) Details

Stephen H. Gobewole
Walden University, 718 Roosevelt Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02880, USA.

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