Study on Mathematical Model for Simulating Yarn Unwinding from Packages

Yarn unwinding from a package is critical in many textile activities. The stability of the unwinding process has a direct impact on the procedure’s efficiency as well as the quality of the end output. During the unwinding process, the tension fluctuates.

The yarn is extracted at a high velocity in the direction of the package axis during over-end unwinding from a static package. The package’s excellent design enables for an appropriate shape of the yarn balloon and low and consistent tension even at very high unwinding velocities. This project’s purpose is to write down the equations that explain yarn motion during unwinding and to create a mathematical model that can be used to reproduce the process.

Author (S) Details

Stanislav Pracek
Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Aškerceva 12, SI-1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Marianna Halász
Sándor Rejto Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Protection Engineering, Institut for Industrial Product Design, Óbuda University, Bécsi út 96 / B, 1034 Budapest, Hungary.

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