Study on Load Capacity Limits of Flanged Pressure Vessel Nozzles

When designing pressure vessels, it’s critical to understand the loads that the connecting pipework places on the nozzle. The piping responses computed by the piping structural analysis, on the other hand, are frequently unavailable during the vessel design stage. To solve this issue, the pressure vessel must be designed entirely for the internal design pressure, after which the permitted external loads for the nozzle-vessel intersection and the nozzle-piping connection (flange) can be determined. As a result, the nozzle’s load limitations and load capacity can be determined and made available to the piping designer at an early stage (pipe stress analyst). Following that, it is the responsibility of the piping designer to ensure that the piping reactions are kept within the pressure vessel nozzle’s allowable load limitations. This method has the advantage of not requiring thickening of the vessel’s pressure retaining shell or additional reinforcing pads around the nozzle neck due to the imposed loads. Furthermore, increasing the thickness of the vessel shell or adding a strengthening pad makes the nozzle more rigid and therefore a better approximation to a fixed point or anchor, thereby negating the benefit of nozzle flexibility. This method avoids the need for pressure vessel and/or piping repairs at the end of a project, which will undoubtedly increase project costs and delay. In conclusion, the goal of this research is to ensure that the pipe stress analyst has access to individually authorised nozzle loads early in the project. This work can be accomplished using the created algorithm stated in Tables 1 through 4. The pipe stress analyst can analyse the piping reactions computed with the help of formal pipe stress analysis software by using the load interaction rule.

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Walther Stikvoort
Wagnerlaan 37, 9402 SH Assen, The Netherlands.

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