Study on Increasing the Solar Cell Efficiency by Using Glass Balls


Due to changes in the sun angle of projection during the day, solar cells lose a significant portion of their capacity due to insufficient solar energy. A cell panel converts solar energy into electrical energy, which is known as Photo Voltage (PV). These cells are created utilising P-N dipole technology and a variety of semiconductor materials. Thus, the goal of this study is to improve cell efficiency using a novel method that involves gathering rays in a convex focus and dispersing them in a concave lens, resulting in rays that are always perpendicular to the cells. Glass balls with a diameter of 10 mm were employed and positioned on the cell area to achieve this goal. This research discovered a significant increase in cell efficiency, with an estimated 7.53 percent increase in generating voltage and 1.086 percent increase in current using this unique method.

Author (S) Details

Ammar Issa Naji
Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq.

Khalid Abdulhussein Hafedh
Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq.

Kreem Idan Fadheel
Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq.

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