Study on Implementation of Subject Policy as a Key to Effective Teaching and Learning of Siswati Language

The purpose of this essay is to outline the Siswati Subject Policy procedure and essential topics (SSP). In accordance of Section 6 of the Constitution, Siswati is one of the languages in the Republic of South Africa that has been granted official recognition. It is studied, taught, and spoken in a number of provinces. The subject policy focuses on the language’s development and management, from its theoretical knowledge to its practical use. The strategy is also planned to emphasise the government’s role in developing language infrastructures, ensuring fair access to them, and increasing language engagement. All areas of micro and macro linguistics, literature, and onomastics are covered under the language subject policy. Teaching and learning, research, administration, and community participation are all included. However, a focus on language in society and society in language, as well as linguistic techniques and analytic strategies, as well as social interaction, is more particular. It is suggested that a topic language policy be developed prior to the start of actual teaching and learning activities. It must be drawn after a careful examination of the language policy of other institutions.

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Jozi Joseph Thwala
Human and Social Sciences, University of Mpumalanga, Mbombela, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

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