Study on Export Performance of Wool in Australia

The purpose of this study is to look at the market share, growth, instability, country-by-country exports, and trade orientation of wool from Australia. The tools utilised to analyse data from 2006 to 2020 were the compound annual growth rate, Cuddy-Della Valle Index, and Markov chain analysis. Australia is the world’s leading wool exporter, accounting for 46.95 percent of total world export volume and 65.89 percent of total world export value. Wool exports from Australia are growing at a negative rate (-2.46 percent per year), but they are growing at a positive rate in terms of value (3.99 percent per annum). In terms of quantity, the instability index for wool exports is low (7.90%), but in terms of value, it is medium (21.16%). Wool imports to Republic of Korea grew at the fastest rate among major importers, both in terms of quantity (4.38 percent) and value (9.10 percent). Australia sends a significant amount of wool to China, which is the most reliable importer with a retention rate of 90.86 percent. India is the other dependable importer. The government should take steps to exploit existing markets and seek new ones, such as Indonesia.

Author(S) Details

P. Soumya
NASF Project, Department of Agricultural Economics, S. V. Agricultural College, ANGRAU, Tirupati, India.

R. A. Yeledhalli
Department of Agribusiness Management, College of Agriculture, UAS Dharwad, India.

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