Study on Consumer Behavior and Factors of Making Purchasing Decisions

With the constant changes and reclassifications in the field of marketing, the fundamental goal of marketing today is to match products to the needs and desires of consumers.

The ability of businesses to comprehend consumer behaviour is a prerequisite for their success.

This article discusses marketing practises that aid in understanding the behaviour and decisions of those who create the final demand for products and services. The primary purpose of this article is to investigate the consumer position in relation to the market and the factors that customers use to decide whether or not to purchase a product. The research methodologies used in this work are content analysis, export conclusions for the usage of products from consumers, understanding the results of marketing activities, and method of analysis and synthesis. In addition, this article represents a significant effort on the part of the consumer to learn how to operate and to be the best and most knowledgeable. Because of the critical tone in today’s economy, consumers are compelled to adjust their purchasing habits; as a result, marketing leaders devise relevant and effective techniques.

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Ioanna Dimitrakaki
International Hellenic University, Greece.

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