Study on Connecting Rod Curves Generated by Mechanisms with three Dyads of the Same Type


We begin with the kinematic scheme of a mechanism with three dyads, all of the RRR type, connected as follows: the first dyad is connected to the driving element R and the base, the second dyad is connected to the connecting rod of the first dyad in the mechanism and its rocker, and the third dyad is connected to the connecting rods of the second dyad. This method of binding allows for the creation of increasingly complex connecting rod curves. The closed – loops method is used to write analytical relations. On this mechanism, we draw the connecting rod curves formed by the locations of interest. The connecting rod curves drawn by a mechanism with three RPP-type dyads and another mechanism with three RPR-type dyads are also investigated. There were several different-shaped connecting rod curves, as well as open curves, because the mechanisms were not designed to allow the driving element to complete entire revolutions (conditions like Grashof). These connecting rod curves can be found on packing machines, in toys, and in a variety of other applications.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Eng.  Iulian Popescu
Member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, Romania.

Liliana Luca
Constantin Brancuşi, University of Targu-Jiu, Romania.

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