Study on Behavioral Change Interventions and New Digital Technologies: An Energy-Saving Related Behaviors Survey

The advent of digital technology has altered our lives. Energy conservation is one area where behavioural intervention and new digital technology have transformed study. ICT systems, for example, enable users to manage their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency. As a result, the end user profile evaluation is a critical tool for laying the groundwork for energy-related platforms and systems. We conducted a study (N = 206) to map and typify the platform’s possible final consumer in order to learn about the important aspects that facilitate user and community engagement in energy-related platforms, as well as the most successful incentive schemes for consumers. The adoption of a scale measurement system has allowed researchers to examine users’ environmental and energy consumption behaviours (habits and change flexibility perceptions). We propose that typifying a technology solution’s possible final customer supplies the fundamental foundation for market intelligence, whether in terms of the platform’s technical and design construction, or its specific characteristic regarding execution.

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Ana Rita Farias
Hei-Lab: Digital Human-enviroment Interation Lab, Lusófona University, Portugal.

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