Study on ARIMA Modelling to Forecast Area and Production of Kharif Rice in West Bengal

Crop yield projections and crop area estimation are important tools for policymakers to employ when making decisions about land use, food security, and environmental issues. Crop yield forecasting is the science of projecting crop yields ahead of time, usually a few months before harvest. The purpose of this research was to get a full picture of West Bengal’s current kharif rice production situation. According to India’s agriculture statistics, West Bengal is the greatest rice-producing state, accounting for 15% of the country’s total paddy production. Since 1962, time series modelling utilising the ARIMA (p, d, q) model has been established for individual univariate series of kharif rice acreage and production in West Bengal. Both models have a high level of accuracy when it comes to future projections of kharif rice acreage and output in West Bengal.

Author (S) Details

Dr. Ria Biswas
Department of Agricultural Statistics, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mohanpur-741252, Nadia, West Bengal, India.

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