Study on Application of Cutting Theory in Oil and Gas Engineering

The essay examines the topic of reducing the cutting force of soils when drilling wells, which is one of the most pressing issues in mining and construction engineering in terms of enhancing worker productivity and reducing energy consumption. It is recommended to take use of the soil’s ability to resist stretching and, as a result, to increase tensile forces in the drilled rock. The proposals are based on the classical Mohr theory of strength, the resulting theory of the limiting state of materials, and contact phenomena in the cutting zone, which are known from metal cutting and soil mechanics theory. resulting in the appearance of tension in the material’s compressed volume A method for determining the optimal geometry of the cutting blade for use in drilling wells is presented, which can significantly increase drilling speed while lowering energy consumption. It is proposed to take use of the soil’s weak resistance to tensile pressures in order to increase tensile stresses in the drilled rock.

Author(s) Details

Ivanova Tatiana Nicolaevna
Udmurt State University, Russia.

Baranchik Vitaly Pavlovich
Udmurt State University, Russia.

Zakirov Marat Fanilevich
Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Russia.

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