Study on Analysis of Extension Participation of National Horticulture Mission Beneficiaries in Davanagere District in India

The purpose of this study was to understand the extension participation of National Horticulture Mission beneficiaries and to analyse the extent of participation of National Horticulture Mission beneficiaries in various extension programmes in all six blocks (taluks) of Davanagere district in Karnataka state, India. The sample size was 144 beneficiaries of the National Horticulture Mission from 24 villages who were chosen at random. For this study, an ex-post facto research design was used. According to the findings, family members (34.26 percent), neighbours (33.56 percent), friends and relatives (33.45 percent), and other service providers, fellow beneficiaries, and NHM workers are the most common sources of information for NHM recipients. Farm magazine (66.21 percent), radio (57.87 percent), newspapers (55.10 percent), internet source (44.44 percent), WhatsApp (42.36 percent), and mobile SMS (42.36 percent) are the top five sources of information (32.27 percent ). When it came to contacting extension professionals, 42.82 percent of recipients spoke with an agricultural assistant, 36.11 percent with an assistant agriculture officer, 30.09 percent with a veterinary officer, and 28.70 percent with an agriculture officer. According to the extended participation data, 33.45% of beneficiaries attended group meetings, 33.10 percent attended krishi melas, 31.02 percent attended field visits, and 28.47 percent attended training programmes. In all, 40.97 percent of recipients went to town or cities twice a week, 38.18 percent went once a week, and 16.67 percent went once every two weeks.

Author (S) Details

J. Raghuraja

ICAR-Taralabalu Krishi Vigyan Kendra, LIC Colony Layout, BIET Road, Davanagere-577004, Karnataka, India.

M. Madhumathi

Department of Economics and Research Centre, Maharani Women’s Arts, Commerce and Mgmt. College, Seshadri Road, Bangalore -560001, Karnataka, India.

S. Shashikumar

Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka India.

M. Sudheendra

Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Shivamogga, Karnataka, India.

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