Study on Administration of Placental Extract for Pain and Quality of Life in Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a persistent widespread pain and tiredness disorder that causes patients’ quality of life to deteriorate significantly. In addition to traditional treatment, many with FMS use complementary and alternative medicine therapies. In Korea, placental extract (PE) is used to alleviate weariness, growth retardation, and soreness. However, no attempt has been made to evaluate the impact of PE on the therapy of FMS. The impact of PE administration on pain and life quality in patients with FMS was investigated in this study.

64 patients at the clinic who were being treated for FMS were retrospectively examined using acupuncture point injection (API) with PE. Pain and sleep disturbances were significantly reduced after five weeks of APIs with PE. Patients also had longer productive times, indicating that they were able to continue their daily activities without taking a pain-induced rest after receiving API treatments.

A 46-year-old lady with FMS was treated intravenously once a week for 9 weeks with PE-containing 5 percent glucose solution in a different route of PE delivery. The subsequent intravenous dose of PE dramatically improved her weariness, discomfort, and health-related quality of life. PE’s therapy impact coincided with a reduction in weariness. Both PE treatments were beneficial for pain control and fatigue alleviation in FMS, according to the data. PE appears to be a safe and promising therapeutic option for FMS, according to our findings.

Author(S) Details

Kyeong Mee Park
Cho Orthopaedic & Oriental Clinic, Seoul 06979, South Korea.

Tae Hwan Cho
Cho Orthopaedic & Oriental Clinic, Seoul 06979, South Korea.

Dong Pill Cho
Fuzopuncture Institute, Seoul 06510, South Korea.

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