Study on Addressing Shortages of Doctors through Department of Health Bursaries in Selected University of Kwa Zulu Natal Province, South Africa


In order to alleviate the shortage of medical practitioners in South Africa, the Province of KwaZulu Natal’s Department of Health implemented a policy to grant bursaries to medical students in order to increase medical practitioner recruitment and retention. Students who complete this programme will be required to perform community service for the department. The goal of the current study is to see if the existing scholarship giving process contributes to bursary recipients’ happiness and loyalty to the Department of Health. It will investigate if the practise of giving bursaries to medical students has an impact on students’ commitment to the department. other than a legal obligation that is enforced by a contractual agreement, upon completion This study used a quantitative research approach. The majority of participants were satisfied with the guidance provided when filling out bursary forms, the response to their application, being able to attend their preferred university, and the monetary worth of the bursary, according to the data. However, it was noticed that information about bursaries is not widely distributed in some districts. Furthermore, Some students did not comprehend the bursary contract and were ignorant of the ramifications of breaching it. Finally, the majority of participants mentioned that they are not given the opportunity to submit feedback on their experience with the bursary programme.

Author (S) Details

Bongani Innocent Dlamini
Durban University of Technology, South Africa.

Luther-King Junior Zogli
Durban University of Technology, South Africa.

Mthembeni Mthethwa
Department of Health, KZN, South Africa.

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