Study of Household Income: An Approach Based on a Broad View of Production

The true value of unpaid labour is examined in this research. Actual living pleasure is influenced by both market income and unpaid household production, as defined by the present idea of GDP. Based on 2011 government figures, we attempt to estimate broad household income in Japan. We assume three stages of domestic life, each of which is divided into three scenarios based on the spouse’s occupation. The findings demonstrate that the income disparities between the three situations were minor, and that women worked more hours than males at all periods of household life. This offers a new perspective on poverty and economic distribution, in which women are overwhelmed. We discovered that salary disparities between men and women, as well as between full-time and part-time workers, are particularly high in Japan, which is where unpaid work estimates are based. Taking this into account, the real effects of wide income on income distribution and married women’s contribution to household income would be more than we previously predicted.

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Mitsuhiko Iyoda
Momoyama Gakuin University, Osaka, Japan.

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