Study about Participation of Women in Dairy Farm Management Practices in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, India

In India, women play a significant role in dairy farm activities. They conduct the majority of the work in animal husbandry while remaining unnoticed. The purpose of this study is to document their contribution to the dairy industry. The involvement of rural women in dairy farm activities is being investigated in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district. A total of 225 farm women were chosen based on their ability to hold land. According to the findings, women in the small farmer category were more likely to take animals for pregnancy diagnosis (81.33 percent) and post-calving care (77.33 percent ). Women who were landless were more likely to take their animals for grazing on a regular basis (45.33 percent), collect and feed green fodder (68 percent), and provide concentrates to their animals (68 percent) (88 percent ). Small women dairy farmers (89.33 percent) and landless women (86.66 percent) were more likely than medium farm women (56 percent) to feed their animals dry fodder on a regular basis. Landless (76%) and small (69.33%) farm women were more likely than medium (44%) farm women to clean animal sheds on a regular basis. The majority of landless women used disinfectants on a daily basis to clean animal sheds (49.33 percent ). Women in the landless (69.33 percent) and small (65.33 percent) farm women categories spend a lot of time disposing of faeces and composting it. Women in the small (76%) and landless (73.33%) farmer categories were frequently caring for sick animals. In comparison to landless (5.33%) and tiny (1.33%) farm women, a higher percentage of medium (9.33%) women dairy producers were consistently active in animal purchases.

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A. Anitha
Department of Livestock Production Management, N.T.R College of Veterinary Science, Gannavaram-521 102, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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