Study about COVID-19 in Children: An Aspect to Nutritional Preponderance and Propensity


The goal of the current study was to determine whether or not children with a COVID-19 diagnosis had poor nutritional status. The immune system and immunoregulation in children are significantly influenced by nutrition. We examined children’s COVID-19 susceptibility and correlated it to their nutritional status in our study, and found that the risk of infection is fairly significant in malnourished and underweight children. This is the first case study on COVID-19 in children from a single facility to come out of India. This series largely focuses on the nutritional profile while describing the numerous COVID-19 aspects in children with and without comorbidities. In 2020, our tertiary children’s hospital admitted 46 COVID positive youngsters, and a study of their nutritional condition revealed that four of them (8.6%, n=4) fell into the obese group. 25 children were 54.3 percent well-nourished, compared to 8 children who were underweight (17.39%), 9 children who were overweight (n=9), and 9 children who were overweight (n=9). The nutritional profile is the main emphasis of this case series, which summarises the numerous COVID-19 characteristics in children with and without co-morbidities. This is the first single centre case series on COVID-19 in the whole world. In our population, there was no discernible link between COVID-19 and nutritional status. Regardless of their dietary state upon admission, children in a recent study had an equal distribution of COVID-19.

Author(s) Details:

Dhanasekhar Kesavelu,
Consultant Pediatrics Gastroenterologist, Apollo Childrens Hospital, India.

V. S. Lekha,
Clinical Nutrition, Apollo Childrens Hospital, India.

Sarah Nalliannan,
Department of Pediatrics, Apollo Childrens Hospital, India.

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Keywords: Children COVID-19 nutrition risk susceptibility.

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