Study about Consumption Patterns among Egyptian Consumers and Its Relation to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs during COVID-19 Pandemic

This study aims to check the change in Egyptian consumer presence accompanying the Coronavirus pandemic disaster, and the degree of difference in consumer patterns in the different public categories in an attempt to reach a pattern or graph reflecting purchasing motivations in crisis opportunity. In order to develop the research theories and direct the creation of upper class of survey questions that would cover every aspect of the research, this study secondhand a preliminary desk study. The analyst then carried out a preliminary test of the survey list and changed it in light of the results. The scientist thus established the modified survey questionnaire connected to the internet, receiving 400 chance responses from various categories and sectors. The scientist did a determinable count of responses then acted statistical reasoning and correlation tests to discover any compatibilities or relations, if present, middle from two points responses and types. The majority of Egyptians’ future is broadly determined by their employment position, so it makes sense that skilled is a strong correlation betwixt employment and future tension during the extended lockdown brought on for one Covid-19 pandemic.

Author(s) Details:

Amal Seddik Afify,
Thebes Academy, Cairo, Egypt.

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Keywords: Marketing, consumer behavior, Egyptian consumption patterns, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, buying motivations

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