Study about Black Fungus: Clinical Manifestation and Treatment


The SARS-COVID-19 virus strain B.1.617 is now causing an outbreak in India. Scientists believe that this variation weakens the immune system, rendering the body more prone to fungal infections. Fungi are a global and inconspicuous category of Eukaryotes. Suffering the consequences of a harmful or deadly fungus, on the other hand, is terrible. An infection known as Black Fungus or Mucormycosis is a common problem in COVID-19 patients. Mucormycosis is a frequent illness that may be both fatal and uncommon. Fungal pathogens are at blame. Understanding the pathophysiology of these fungi, which are assumed to be the cause of Mycosis, necessitates an understanding of their ecological habitat. Patients must be educated about the condition and taught how to spot the signs.

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Tejeswini I.
Department of Microbiology, Dr. MGR-Janaki College of Arts and Science for Women, Chennai, India.

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