Studies on the Correlation of North Magnetic Dip Pole Motion and Seismic Activity

In his paper, Viterito states that increasing seismic activity for the high geothermal flux regions (HGFA) of the globe is correlated with a correlation factor r of 0.785 with the average global temperature from 1979 to 2015 and that this explains 62 percent of the variation in the surface temperature of the earth. This makes geothermal activity at this time the most important factor in the change in the earth’s temperature. The mechanisms surrounding seismic activity were studied, recognising that this is the source of a major concern for so many and a vital part of understanding our planet and its processes. A high positive correlation (r = 0.935) was observed between the velocity of the motion of the North Magnetic Dip Pole and the seismic activity during this time period. Before conclusive answers can be reached, both of these aspects and several more must be taken into account and evaluated. But the first step in assessing their origin and their ultimate impact on both the atomic and macroscopic scales is only understanding that these unique features exist.

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Bruce Williams
Retired, Gillette, Wyoming, USA.

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