Studies on Some Substituted-4-thiazolidinone with and without Inclusion Complex Formation with β-cyclodextrin

By taking 2-hydrazinobenzothizole as a staring substance, three compounds of 2-(benzothiazolyl-2′)hyrazino-5-arylidene-4-thiazolidinone derivative are prepared. But, both less aqueous soluble and biologically accessible are shown by the prepared compounds. Its inclusion complex is therefore prepared with β-cyclodextrin with an acceptable ratio after phase solubility studies to eradicate the problem. The experiment’s objectives are to make the compound more biologically available and to increase its solubility. In addition to their spectral properties, the synthesised compounds and their respective inclusion complexes are analysed in terms of their thermodynamic properties (UV, IR and NMR). By taking the bacteria E, the antibacterial activity of the compounds and inclusions was screened. Uh, coli, S. P. vulgaris and aureus. Studies have shown that the development of the inclusion complex results in greater antibacterial activity than the original compounds.

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Dr. Simanchal Dash
Department of Chemistry, Roland Institute of Technology, Berhampur, Odisha, India.

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