Studies on Forced Response of Polar Orthotropic Tapered Circulars Plates Resting on Elastic Foundatio

Forced axi-symmetric response of polar orthotropic circular plates of linearly varying thickness resting
on Winkler type of elastic foundation has been studied on the basis of classical plate theory. An
approximate solution of problem has been obtained by Rayleigh Ritz Method, which employs
functions based upon the static deflection of polar orthotropic circular plates. The effect of transverse
loadings has been studied for orthotropic circular plate resting on elastic foundation. The transverse
deflections and bending moments are presented for various values of taper parameter, rigidity ratio,
foundation parameter, flexibility parameter under different type of loadings. A comparison of results
with those available in literature shows an excellent agreement.

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Dr. A. H. Ansari
Department of Mathematics, Albaha University, Albaha, KSA.

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