Studies on Being Itself, World Images, Limit Situation, Temporality and Existence as an Analytical Structure for Existential Enlightenment

Karl  Jaspers claims that some restricting situations in the representations of the universe must be met in order to become Being itself, including death, pain, hardship, randomness and remorse. It comes into existence only by joining these limit situations, while the current empirical avoids facing such situations. But Jaspers did not regard time as a restricting condition in which we are in an inappropriate time from the beginning and from which we leap by decisive precursor acts to our own time. This article argues that time, considered primarily by Heidegger, is properly a finite situation that becomes itself through its conflict. For this, a hermeneutical phenomenological analysis is carried out, which updates the definitions of Bein itself, restricting condition, temporality and nature semantically. In reality, the self is immersed in the presentist boundary situation that elides the past and the future as merely being there or current empirical, and considers the objects as present in sight in a waiting attitude delivered to the chat, uncertainty, and greed for the new. The self is patented as being, managing to be beyond time, exercising its own time, on the rise, exhibiting senses that are concepts of life and being patented in its historical being by taking the leap into existence or for itself or being itself, through a definitive precursor attitude and spontaneous unconditioned behaviour.

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Hugo Campos Winter
Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile.

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