Structural-Parametric Model of Electromagnetoelastic Actuator for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


The matrix equation for the electromagnetoelastic actuator and the solution to the linear ordinary differential equation are both determined in this chapter. For nanoscience and nanotechnology, the structural diagram, the matrix transfer function, and the properties of the electromagnetoelastic actuator are obtained. The electromagnetoelastic actuator’s generalized structural diagram and generalized matrix transfer function are calculated from its generalized structural-parametric model. For control systems in nanoscience and nanotechnology, the piezoactuator’s static and dynamic properties are established.

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S. M. Afonin,
National Research University of Electronic Technology MIET, Moscow, Russia.

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Keywords: Electromagnetoelastic actuator, structural-parametric model, piezoactuator, electromagnetoelasticity, structural diagram, matrix transfer function

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