Stroke in Individuals Less than 45 Years of Age: A Prospective Study

To evaluate the clinical characteristics, risk factors, and aetiology of stroke in people aged 15 to 45 years. Stroke is the most prevalent neurological disorder that results in disability and morbidity. From October 2018 to June 2020, all young patients aged 15 to 45 years who were hospitalised to Kasturba hospital in Manipal with ischemic strokes (based on CT or MRI brain scan) were enrolled in this prospective trial after providing prior informed consent. Each subject was thoroughly checked and scored using a standard proforma. There were 74 young stroke patients out of 332 total ischemic stroke patients hospitalised during the study period, with smoking (40.5%), hypertension (33.8%), diabetes (17.6%), and previous heart disease (14.8%) being the most common risk factors. In this investigation, the aetiology of young stroke patients was identified in 46 (62.1%) of cases, whereas no cause was established in 28 cases (37.8 percent ). Because the majority of the risk factors are changeable, there is a lot of room for primary and secondary prevention of ischemic stroke in the young, and a real effort should be made to identify the risk factors and aetiology in such cases.

Author (S) Details

Kollipara Sumanth

Department of Internal Medicine, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India.

B. A. Shastry

Department of General Medicine, Kasturba Medical College and Hospital, Manipal, Karnataka, India.

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