Stem Cell a Solution May Help to Treatment for Pandemic COVID-19


The effectiveness of IV mesenchymal cell transplantation has not been presented with a final conclusion that allows scientists to recommend it as the only treatment, although investigation in various pathologies revealed a very favourable immune reaction, modulati Furthermore, it clearly illustrates a regeneration of it (which is the same) that has powerfully captured the attention of doctors when treating autoimmune, degenerative, and chronic pathologies that have no palliative therapies to date, such as SLE, post-infarction heart disease, chronic arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and many other laboratory tests were performed. owing to the urgent requirement of disappointed patients due to a lack of therapy choices, mesenchymal cells were used to treat them. We have advised managing cytosines by the transplantation of mesenchymal cells, since they are the major causes of issues owing to their higher systemic reactivity, because the pneumonias generated by this novel virus are fast advancing and lethal, with little effective therapy. We investigated the use of stem cells to improve patient quality of life in a variety of diseases.

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F. G. Mistrih
Donka Avdaloff Clinic, Chile.

N. G. Mistrih
Clinica Donka Avdaloff, Chile.

G. Eghon
Scientific Medical Association Chile (ASOCIMED), University of Chile, Chile.

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