Spiders Biodiversity and Recording of Nesticodes rufipes from Suburban Area of South Bengaluru Karnataka

In the current study the spider’s biodiversity was surveyed, the findings of Theridiid spider Nesticodes

rufipes was recorded and documented from the suburban area of Turahalli forest, south Bangalore

Karnataka. The samples were collected, during the monsoon season as the richness of species were

encountered. Totally 11 families with 18 different species were documented and identified. Some of

the common spiders observed were signature spiders, orb web spider, garden spiny spider. Orb

weaver spider, decorative silver orb web spider, red house spider, Indian ornamental tarantula, funnel

web spider, yellow sac spider black wood spider, giant wood spider, golden lynyx spider, jumping

spider, grass crab spider, and white kneed spider. Among the 18 species, Araneidae family had

recorded highest species (05) with 27.7%, the families Nephilidae, Oxyopidae and Salticidae(02each)

had recorded with 11.11%. The other seven families had documented with (01 each) 5.55%. The

male and female spiders were found and recorded for the most dominant species. The Oxoypes

species had documented the highest number of males (15) with 37.5%. Whereas the greater number

of females had found for Argiope anasuja (25) with 18.65%. The Simpsons Diversity Index (SDI) was

0.92, indicating the high richness in the species diversity. From the study area Nesticodes rufipes was

identified and reported. The morphology of N. rufipes is very similar to that described by Saaristo

(1978) of Seychelles Finland. However, the morphometric analysis of male and female spider differed

both in size & body coloration, which might be due to geographical variations.


Author (s) Details


  1. Jalajakshi

Genetics Department, Vijaya College, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, India.

  1. Usha Raja Nanthini

Biotechnology Department, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal, India.

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