Spacetime and General Relativity: A Novel Approach


Four-dimensional (Minkowski) spacetime is purely mathematical and has no practical application. Time is an abstract measurement of motion and events that occur in three dimensions. It is impossible to extract nonphysical time from three-dimensional space and project it onto a fourth, ostensibly physical axis with a separate set of reference points. Spacetime does not exist, does not curve, and has no gravitational interaction. General relativity is severely flawed because Einstein predicated his geometric theory of gravity (general relativity) solely on this incorrect spacetime foundation. Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with the characteristics and relationships of points, lines, surfaces, and objects’ relative positions. Mathematics is a sort of measuring that is intellectual rather than physical. Because geometry cannot cause or be influenced by anything in physical reality, Einstein’s geometric theory of gravity fails. Because it assumes that a real force (gravity) interacts with an abstraction (geometry) that has no actual existence, general relativity fails. This chapter conclusively refutes both Minkowski spacetime and general relativity.

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David Rowland,
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