Space-time Gets Reversed Only for Fermions where as Space-time is Identical for Bosons: Scientific Explanation

There are essentially two types of particles in particle physics. Bosons and fermions are the two types of particles. In both of them, particles are separated into subcategories. A fermion is a particle with an odd half-integer spin, such as 1/2, 3/2, or others. Fermions include quarks, leptons, protons, and neutrons. Integer spin particles, such as 0, 1, 2, and so on, are known as bosons. Photons, Gluons, W+, W-, Z0 bosons, Higgs bosons, Mesons, and other bosons are examples. Fermions are matter particles (with mass) that have a considerable quantity of energy. Bosons are force-carrying particles. In this chapter, I’ll show how only fermions interact with space-time and how their interactions are reversed. Bosons interact in space-time but are not reversible. Space-time is reversed in anti-particles (fermions), whereas space-time is identical in bosons. As a result, all matter particles have anti-particle counterparts, but none of the force-carrying particles have anti-particle counterparts.

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Prasenjit Debnath
Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology Agartala, Barjala, Jirania, PO – NIT Agartala, District – Tripura (West), State – Tripura, India.

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