Something is Seriously Wrong with Cosmology


This study investigates and reports on a number of scientific and mathematical flaws that, taken together, have resulted in a widely held understanding of the universe that is significantly incorrect. Current accepted astrophysics has created an extensive network of hypotheses that are lacking foundation due to a fundamental cosmological mistake dating back to 1915. The legendary big bang could not have occurred, galaxies are not colliding, we are not on a collision path with Andromeda, and dark matter and dark energy are both fictitious concepts. General relativity has become the accepted explanation for gravity as a result of two mathematical errors dating back to 1915. This geometric explanation of gravity, however, is fatally faulty. There is no such thing as four-dimensional spacetime, and it does not curve or interact with gravity. Gravitational waves do not exist, and gravity does not bend light. This study finds that the following hypotheses are false: big bang theory, Hubble’s law, expansion theory, 4-D spacetime, general relativity, dark matter, dark energy, cosmic microwave background theory, and gravitational waves. The cosmos is an immense, eternal expanse with no beginning or end and no boundaries of any kind.

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D. Rowland
61 Sandstone Drive, Hanwell, New Brunswick E3E 0C3 Canada.

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