Simulation and Design of Vertical Power MOSFETs utilizing Silvaco’s ATLASTM

This paper reports on 3C-SiC low-doped drain power MOSFET design and simulation, including key parameters such as the model of avalanche effect ionisation and its relationship to breakdown voltage, the doping dependence of bulk mobility, and the relationship between on-resistance and breakdown voltage. While scaling the parasitic JFET, a number of MOSFETs were built with different blocking layer doping. To mitigate localised breakdown at the p-well / n-type drift layer interface, a stepped doping profile is used. Using a commercially available 2D simulation software, the characteristics of the MOSFETs were obtained. Comparisons made with a 1D analytical model indicate strong agreement between the on-state resistance, current-voltage characteristics, sub-threshold slope and the overall validity of the existing simulation models. As long as there is a proper inclusion of the body impact. Simulation results show that a 600 V, 3C-SiC MOSFET with a thinned substrate, containing a drift layer of 7 ⁇ m and a blocking layer doping density of 1×1016 cm-3, can have an on-state resistance of 0.8 mW-cm2 for the selected material parameters

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Dr. Hamid Fardi
University of Colorado, Denver Colorado, 1200 Larimer Square, CO 80217-3364, USA.

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