Simulated Scientific Experiments for Teaching CAD Techniques Using Analytic and Finite Element Solutions of Electromagnetic Two-dimensional Problems with Longitudinal Symmetry

The paper describes an approach to teaching low-frequency electromagnetic CAD techniques to
undergraduate students pursuing a degree course in electrical engineering. At the laboratory
meetings, the problems are initially solved analytically. Upon this, students learn how to create the
numeric model and how to define the sequence of field problems that lead to the required solution.
Simulation tasks based on a force-producing electromagnet are used to introduce numeric techniques
to determine magnetic field distribution, evaluation of energy storage and generation of magnetic
forces. Magnetic forces are calculated by the classical and weighted versions of the method of
Maxwell stress tensor. The paper provides all the basic elements required for further exploration of
devices with longitudinal symmetry.

Author(s) Details

Antônio Flavio Licarião Nogueira
Santa Catarina State University, Joinville, Brazil.

Rodolfo Lauro Weinert
Santa Catarina State University, Joinville, Brazil.

Leonardo José Amador Salas Maldonado
Santa Catarina State University, Joinville, Brazil.

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