Simple Carotid Space Abscess


Deep neck infections are frequently multi-microbial, reflecting the normal resident flora of the nearby mucosal surfaces where the infection originated. Due to their intimate anatomical connections, the resident flora of the oral cavity, upper respiratory tract, and particular regions of the ears share many identical species. Every patient with a carotid space abscess needs to be evaluated for potential airway obstruction. Maintenance of an adequate airway is a fundamental and urgent management concern for patients who show signs of airway impingement. It’s best to avoid needle aspiration, especially for people with less experience. Intravenous antibiotics may help with small abscesses, but when a large, frank abscess forms, incision and drainage are the preferred treatments.


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Jasif Nisar
Department of ENT, GMC Srinagar, India.

Suhail Amin Patigaroo
Department of ENT, GMC Srinagar, India.


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Keywords –  Carotid space abscess, needle aspiration, respiratory tract, deep neck space infections

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