Shell Structures and Functionalist Forms of Hospital Architecture (How Both Factors Influence on the Emotions of the Patient and the User)

As one of the requirements of human life is health and hygiene, some locations should be forecasted for these events to occur. Hygiene and health will be divided into physical and mental branches, according to researchers, and if mental health is provided, physical health will be easily available, and finally, human will be able to easily take his course during treatment to obtain a healthy life. It eventually results in the creation of great works and massive movements in human life. One of the characteristics of a good medical center is easy and quick access, so that patients can visit these facilities in as little time as possible. This access is defined as extending from the patient’s residence to the interior spaces of the medical facility. Many factors influence the quality of this path. One factor is the human perception of form, specifically how to create a different form by designing an external shell and embedding the original structure beneath this shell so that it can be developed and expanded at the same time while also being inviting, so that clients and users move towards these centers and walk indoors comfortably and away from double stress. Doing studies, data collection, and information evaluation are the fundamentals of design and necessitate a full research design. The purpose of this research is to provide a comprehensive cognitive understanding of all those involved in hospital architectural design and patient care. In addition, principles and optimized guidelines for designing an efficient hospital were extracted after studying and collecting all available written and verbal references in order to meet patients’ medicinal and psychological needs.

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Sania Sami
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Science and Research Branch-Qeshm, Islamic Azad University, Qeshm Island, Iran.

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