Sex and Contemporary Caribbean Women Living in a Carnival Culture: A Prospective Study

The global feminization of HIV and AIDS has had an impact on the Caribbean region. Female West Indian infection rates were 3-6 times greater than male infection rates a decade ago. This review aims to explore the critical and intertwined roles of socio-cultural issues such as patriarchy, sex commercialisation, men having sex with men, violence, and religious practises, all of which contribute to the risk of HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean. In doing so, the article draws attention to the harsh reality of Caribbean women’s lives, as well as the ways in which Caribbean culture disproportionately exposes them to the risk of developing HIV and AIDS. Further research is needed to address the important socio-cultural factors that negatively influence male-female interactions and their impact on HIV and AIDS risk in the Caribbean, according to the paper.

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Shivaughn Hem-Lee-Forsyth

St. George’s University, St. George’s, Grenada.

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