Sella Turcica Bridging – An Orthodontic Perspective


Background: The interclinoid ligaments’ tendency to calcify causes the developmental abnormality known as the sella turcica bridge. Early identification could predict impending dental anomalies such as tooth transpositions, palatal canine impactions, and other dental malformations as well as other craniofacial deviations, syndromes, and underlying endocrinological conditions. The study’s goal was to use available data to demonstrate the significance of sella turcica bridging and its relationship to skeletal malocclusions and dental malformations.

The salient points were clearly defined and highlighted after a thorough search of bibliographic databases for pertinent articles on anatomy, morphology, topography, radiology, and the prevalence of sella turcica bridging and its relationship to dental anomalies, skeletal malocclusions, and congenital syndromes.

Results: Sella turcica bridging has been linked to skeletal malocclusions, craniofacial abnormalities, and dental malformations, particularly impending palatal canine impactions. This linkage has been well documented in the literature. CBCT was more accurate at diagnosing partial and complete bridging, even if lateral cephalograms were accurate in detecting partial bridging and no bridging. Even though it can be seen on a 2-D lateral cephalogram, 3-D cone-beam computed tomography imaging offers the best clarity and visualisation of the same.

Conclusion: Early detection of sella turcica bridging could predict impending palatal canine impactions, tooth transpositions, maxillary lateral incisor, second premolar, and third molar agenesis, as well as the occurrence of numerous other dental anomalies, making it an invaluable screening tool for orthodontists who are currently in practise. It could also help neurosurgeons who perform complex surgical procedures in this crucial area with rich vascular and neuronal tissue.


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A. Arif Yezdani

Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Sree Balaji Dental College and Hospital, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai-600100, Tamil Nadu, India.



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Keywords –  Sella turcica bridge, dental anomalies, skeletal malocclusions, syndromes

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