Scientific Foundation of Real-Time Input-Output Tabulation Method and AI — Organic Combinations and Connections between the Optimal Input-output Planning Model and Automation, Information, Intellectualization, Big Data, New Cloud Computing Technology, Internet of Things or New Internet Industry & AI Technology


The application of Big Data, new Cloud Computing technology, Internet of Things or new internet industry, and AI will usher in a massive revolution in human beings based on combinations of automation, information, and intelligence, which will consequently rock the foundations of modern economy, politics, social sciences, management and accounting, and even bring about fundamental changes and development, and thus an era for technology industry will go novelty, i.e. During the Industrial Revolution, the standing of continuous mathematics as a mainstream, represented by calculus, shifted, and the relevance of discrete mathematics was progressively recognised. Many things that currently appear to be conceivable will prove to be impossible in the future, while the seemingly impossible will become achievable. The smooth operation of the national economy can only be directed by the objective law of coordinated development, and thus achieve maximum economic efficiency, if the passive situation of tabulating and interpreting is completely changed under such complicated, constantly changing, and rapidly developing circumstances. The scientific foundation for the real-time input-output tabulation technology and AI is correctly built on the basis of the aforementioned dreaming realisation. This thesis will employ real-time analysis of the optimal input-output planning model and timely analysis of input-output statistics model as examples of how to accomplish the good wish.

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Ning Kang
Training and Evaluation Centre, Guizhou Power Grid Company, China Southern Power Grid, 550002 Guiyang, China.

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